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The Center in the News

The Center in the News


Latino youth paint way into Pittsburgh, November 14, 2010, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Latino youths' mural a first for the 'burgh, November 9, 2010, Pittsburgh Post Gazette Staff Blogs

Mural Obligation, December 2, 2010, Pittsburgh City Paper

October 11, 2010, “Rustbelt Radio,” Jovenes Sin Nombres work on the first Latino mural in Pittsburgh (just hit the “play” icon next to “Flash player;” segment on JSN is at the beginning of the broadcast).

Latino Youth Mural Confronts Gulf Oil Spill, Unveiling and display of “2012,” a painting addressing both Mayan apocalyptic prophecy and the Gulf oil spill by several members of the Jóvenes, at the Tango Café.

La Jornada Latina, May 2010 article on workshop collaboration between Jóvenes Sin Nombres and visiting artists from Arrazola, Mexico: (see

Jóvenes Sin Nombres’ and Arts Greenhouse collaborative  “Nuestros Caminos”event on Rustbelt Radio.

Museum 2.0 blog the calles the Waffle Shop one of the 6 alternative cultural venues to keep an eye on

We Make Money Not Art, highly respected art and culture blog,
An article about the Conflict Kitchen.

NPR All Things Considered,
A Taste Of Iran, Whipped Up In The 'Conflict Kitchen'

Cooking Up a Dialogue,
An article by HAMED ALEAZIZ from the PBS Frontline Tehran Bureau

Conflict Cuisine,
An article from Open Magazine, which is like the Time Magazine of India

Cafe Stirs Interest in Nations in Conflict,
An article from the Associated Press MSNBC

"Hillel students learn the history and culture of hip-hop music"
An article by Eric Lidji in The Jewish Chronicle on the Arts Greenhouse.

"Panel members focus on the role of art in protests"
Article in The Tartan, on the September 23, 2009 G20 panel.

"Pittsburgh's Artistic Renaissance"
Article in More Intelligent Life, a quarterly art magazine from The Economist, in which Larry Bogad and the Center are mentioned.

The Peter Collins Show
Radio interview of Larry Bogad on the Peter Collins show (a syndicated PBC radio show) during his stay in Pittsburgh, in which he mentions the Center, (the portion dedicated to Larry begins about one-half way through the broadcast; the part mentioning Pittsburgh and the Center is about 3/4 of the way through).