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Who We Are

What is CAS?

The Center for the Arts in Society is a collaborative effort of scholars and artists affiliated with the College of Fine Arts and the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Center aims to explore the role of the arts in society--the place and impact of the arts both in the workings of social power and in processes of social change. At the same time, it is dedicated to the exploration of the place of society in the arts--the ways in which diverse forms of social and political engagement have shaped the history of the arts, and might drive their transformation in the future.

What We Do

Participants in the Center engage in collaborative projects, producing innovative scholarship and artistic work that probes and transcends the boundary between the humanities and the arts. They organize and take part in experimental community projects, using the arts as a forum for education and social engagement outside the university. They contribute to undergraduate education through courses and extracurricular programs that integrate the arts and the humanities, involving and acquainting students with novel forms of research, artistic production, and community projects.

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