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Performance Initiative 2014 - 2017

Performance Initiative 2014-2017

The Center for the Arts in Society (CAS) has chosen “Performance” as the theme for its next three-year initiative (2014 to 2017). Wendy Arons from Drama and Kristina Straub from English will coordinate the Performance Initiative. The Center plans to approach “Performance” as an expansive form, from the traditional relationship between an audience and an actor to the constructions of political protest or how we frame our lives through social rituals, athletics, digital capture devices and every day acts. A close examination of human performance has begun to define most fields, from politics to robotics and from entertainment to art and literature. It is a topic that has the possibility to bring together many fields of exploration between the arts and humanities with potentially potent results. For this initiative, CAS will undertake three faculty-led projects that involve analysis and production in their events and activities. Two of the three projects were announced at the presentation on September 3. “Performing Peace” will be directed by John Carson (School of Art) and Jennifer Keating (Undergraduate Research Office.) Lawrence Shea (School of Drama) will direct “Ghosts in the Machines”. In February 2015 “Requiem for Rice” directed by Edda Fields-Black (History Department) was announced as the third project in the Performance Initiative.

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Performing Peace in the North of Ireland

John Carson, School of Art
Jennifer Keating, Department of English

Ghosts in the Machines

Lawrence Shea, School of Drama

Requiem for Rice

Edda Fields-Black, Department of History