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2023 Award for Artistic Excellence

Congratulations to the following undergraduate student winners of the 2023 “Meeting of the Minds” Award for Artistic Excellence!

Nicole Guccione, "Mosaic"

A euphonium recital and intersectional art exhibit at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Music.

Mentor: Prof. Lance LaDuke, School of Music

Himalini Gururaj, "Automatic Exquisite Corpse"

An online tool that allows users to draw small tiles and then generatively assemble them into a larger drawing according to user annotations on the individual tiles.

Mentor: Prof. Golan Levin, School of Art

Sohye Park, "Art in Motion"

An exploration of how movement and interactivity push the limitations of traditional, static art and can create a different visual experience for the artist and the audience.

Mentors: Prof. Ling-lin Ku, School of Art, and Prof. Stephanie Murray, BXA Director

Julie Scharf, "The Slipping Nymph"

An original fairy tale about a young river nymph who is destined to become a minnow once they mature.

Mentor: Prof. Stephanie Murray, BXA Director

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