Carnegie Mellon University

Matthew Gandy

CAS Speakers Series

Zoonotic Urbanization

April 29, 2022
Text to Matthew Gandy Zootonic Urbanization talk

In this presentation I will explore the political and temporal dynamics of extractive frontiers and their epidemiological manifestations under the complex dynamics of “zoonotic urbanization.”  I will consider how a modified urban political ecology framework might extend to the affective, epigenetic, and mutating realm of human relations with non-human others, including the pivotal role of the human body as an incubator for the shifting zoonotic parameters of modernity.

Matthew Gandy is Professor of Geography at the University of Cambridge and an award-winning documentary film maker.  His books include Concrete and clay: reworking nature in New York City, The fabric of space: water, modernity, and the urban imagination, and Natura urbana: ecological constellations in urban space (all with the MIT Press).