Carnegie Mellon University
November 14, 2011

"Shale Play: Our Brains on Frack"

Theatre Artists Tackle Marcellus Shale

Shale Play: Our Brains on Frack

Anne Justine D’Zmura, Department of Theatre Arts, California State University Long Beach

How do we as artists and educators move ourselves, our students and our community members out of ecological complacency into a state of shared awareness, concern and, ultimately, action? Currently in residence with the Drama School, Anne D’Zmura is leading a group of CMU students through a theatre devising process exploring the political/social/economic and environmental ramifications of the Marcellus Shale drilling in our community. D’Zmura will discuss her past work in the field of ecodrama and the current CMU workshop project “Shale Play: Our Brains on Frack”.

Adamson Wing (Baker Hall 136), Monday, November 14; 4:30 PM