Carnegie Mellon University

The Minor in Science, Technology & Society

The Minor in Science, Technology, & Society (STS) provides students with an interdisciplinary, historically-grounded perspective on the development and meaning of science and technology in modern society. The minor enables students to explore the philosophical underpinnings, cultural and historical contexts, and economic and literary assessments of the interplay among science, technology, and society. A wide range of elective courses facilitates a deeper dive into subjects and approaches that build on the skills and knowledge gained in students’ primary and additional majors. This minor is appropriate for students pursuing both B.A. and B.S. degrees who seek a greater understanding of how science and technology have helped to shape and reshape the modern world.

The STS minor curriculum is 54 units (typically six 9-unit courses) split between a minimum of 27 units of “Core Courses” and 27 units of Electives. Students must take two “Core Courses” on the history and philosophy of science and technology and one “Core Course” on the language and rhetoric of science and technology. Students may choose from a wide variety of approved electives, including additional “Core Courses” to complete the minor. Students may request that courses not currently listed in the catalog count for the elective requirement by asking the Faculty Director, Professor Christopher Phillips for approval.

Please view the undergraduate catalog for the most up to date listing of courses that satisfy this requirement.