Carnegie Mellon University

2019 Diploma Ceremony

May 21, 2019

The Department of History Confers 2019 Degrees

By Jesse Wilson

Congratulations to the class of 2019!

On Sunday, May 19 at 9am, the Department of History held its diploma ceremony and graduated over 20 students in three undergraduate degree programs in addition to Ph.D. students in our graduate degree program.

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Doctor of Philosophy - History

David S. Busch
The Civic Revolution on Campus: Student Activism and the Politics of Service Learning
Advisor: Nico Slate

Susan C. I. Grunewald
German Prisoners of War in the Soviet Union: Life, Law, Memory, 1941-1956
Advisor: Wendy Z. Goldman

Mark Thomas Hauser
All the Comforts of Hell: Doughboys and American Mass Culture in the First World War
Advisor: Scott A. Sandage

Clayton Vaughn-Roberson
Fascism with a Jim Crow Face: The National Negro Congress and the Global Popular Front
Advisor: Nico Slate

Dawn Michele Winters
“The Ladies Are Coming!”: A New History of Antebellum Temperance, Women’s Rights, and Political Activism
Advisor: Lisa Tetrault

Bachelor's Degrees

Global Studies

with Capstone Reserach Paper Titles

Autumn R. Armega-Finger, B.A.
“Womenomics”: How Japan’s Policies are Failing Women

Sarah M. Boyle, B.A.
Post-colonial Political Violence in Morocco: Individual and Collective Trauma Under Independence

Grace Tegan Huddleston, BHA
The Role of Language in the #MeToo Movement

Margaret Sophia Mertz, B.A.
“Thelma & Louise” and “4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days”: Female Friendship in Film

Vera J. Schulz, B.A.
History and Innovation in the Chemical Industry in Post-War Western Germany

Diana Y. Yuh, B.A.
Chosonjok Return Migration to South Korea and the Rise of Transnational Families

Concentration in Anthropology

Renee Marie Madrigal, BHA

Social & Political History

with Capstone Research Paper Titles

Rachel A. Baker, B. Arch
Conservation on Aisle Four: The Rise and Failure of Eco-Commerce in the 1980s and 1990s

Maria A. Barr, B.A.
Designing Identity Museum Exhibitions in Contemporary America: A Comparative Analysis of the Native American, African-American, and Holocaust Museums

Jacob L. Bentley, B.A.
Fighting in an Era of Change: The Slow Decline of Trial by Battle in Medieval England

Jonathan L. Colarusso, B.S.
France’s Return to Autocracy: How Napoleon Avoided a Second Revolution 1799-1814

Anne Crumley, BHA
Rocking the Boat: De Facto Segregation and the Kennywood Pool, 1953-1956

Sonia H. Del Rivo, B.S.
The Statue of Stephen Foster (1900) Hits the Wrong Note by 2018: How Memorialization Corrupted the Foster Legacy

Jure C. Erlic, B.S.
“Wet Enough for Rubber Boots”: The failure of Prohibition in Pittsburgh from 1920-1933

Luis Miguel Espinosa-Da Silva, B.A.
(Research project to be completed in Fall 2019)

Evan M. Glauberman, B.S.
Carnegie Mellon University and the United States Military: A Century of Symbiosis

Gargi Lagvankar, B. Arch
The New Middle Class: Navigating the Dual Identity of Race and Status in Mid-Century Pittsburgh

Kelly Li, B. Arch
Vulnerable Infrastructures: An Analysis of Accountability Through the Flint Water Crisis

Maxwell F. Martin, B.S.
Burning the Average Person: How Radioactive Quackery Showed Deficiencies in Federal Regulation from 1898-1938

Michael William Newman, B.A.
Negro League Baseball in Pittsburgh: An African-American Community Experience, 1887-1947

Stefan Reid Romero, BHA
To Conceal and to Display: The Clothing of 18th Century Runaway Slaves in Colonial America

Jacqueline E. Singer, B.S.
Houston, We Have Many Problems: Organizational Failures at NASA during Disasters from 1967 to 2011

Margaret D. Slevin, B.S
Coeducation at Carnegie Mellon University: The Dissolution of a Women’s College and Gender Equality, 1965-1973

Sahana R. Thirumazhusai, B.S.
The Temple in the Hills: How the Root of Hinduism in the U.S. Found its Home in Pittsburgh

Ethics, History, & Public Policy

Chih Yuan William Chang, B.A.
Makenzie L. Donaldson, B.A.
Archana Goparaju, BHA
Allison M. Guzman, B.A.
Bo Young Kim, BHA *
Paige C. O’Riordan, B.S. *
Jonathan Joseph Angelo Rodrigues, B.A.
Amaya Taylor, B.S.

In Fall 2018, students in th capstone course worked collaboratively to provide interdisciplinary recommendations on landslides as a policy issue.

Social and Policy Implications of Landslides
Faculty Supervisor: Professor Joel Tarr, Department of History

This year’s Senior Capstone Project Course examined the recurring problem of landslides in Allegheny County, from social, political, scientific, engineering, and policy perspectives. A landslide is the movement of an unstable mass of rock, unconsolidated earth, or debris down a slope. Its movement can be slow or fast. While many think of landslides primarily as natural phenomena, they are, in fact, often human-induced as well as driven by geological factors.

The subject of landslides was particularly appropriate for analysis by the EHPP students because Allegheny County has a long history of landslides that have destroyed homes, roads, railroads, and injured or killed people, and because the county experienced considerably more landslides than normal in 2017-18 due to heavy rainfall.

The results and recommendations of the students’ interdisciplinary inquiry can be read at:

Senior Honors Theses

Grace Tegan Huddleston
Modern Marianismo: An Analysis of Motherhood and Health among Rural, Indigenous Communities in the South of Chile

Margaret Sophia Mertz
Breathing Words

Sahana R. Thirumazhusai
Commemoration of Conflict: the Role of Tourism in a Post-Conflict Northern Ireland

Vera J. Schulz
Follow the Leader: Innovation in the Chemical Engineering Industry — The Case of Germany & the United States

Awards & Recognitions

Goldman Fellowship Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching

David S. Busch
Susan C. I. Grunewald

Indira Nair Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Studies

Margaret Sophia Mertz

Ludwig Schaefer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social & Political History

Margaret D. Slevin

Edwin Fenton - Preston Covey Award for Outstanding Achievement in Ethics, History, and Public Policy

Makenzie L. Donaldson

John Hope Franklin Award for Distinguished Achievment in African and African-American History

Stefan Reid Romero

Eugene D. Levy Award for the Most Outstanding Student in the Department of History

Sarah M. Boyle

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