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Deepa Nair

Deepa Nair

Assistant Teaching Professor, CMU Qatar


Deepa Nair is a historian of Modern South Asia. Her research revolves around politics, religion, education, and identity formation in modern India, particularly the effect of ethno-religious nationalism on minorities and nation-building in secular India. Before joining CMU, she taught at the University of Central Florida and Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Nair's teaching interests include the history and culture of South Asia; imperialism, decolonization, and nationalism in South Asia; politics, religion, and gender in contemporary South Asia; legacies of the British raj– including Partition and rise of ethno-religious nationalism; globalization, migration, and South Asian diaspora; Indian historiography and transnational history. She is working on the first edition of An Anthology of South Asia (Cognella /Routledge) and her monograph on education, state formation, and identity politics in South Asia. In 2021-22, Nair was awarded the Provost's Inclusive Teaching Fellowship. 


Ph.D.: National University of Singapore, 2007


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Courses Taught

  • South Asia - People, Processes, and Culture (Global Histories)
  • Gender in South Asia 
  • Imperialism and Decolonization in South Asia
  • Nations and Nationalisms in South Asia
  • Nation, Culture, and Society in South Asian Cinema
  • Muslim representation in the media and popular culture 
  • Epidemics, Pandemics, and Infectious Disease: From Black Death to COVID-19
  • Social Inequity, Mental Health, and Physical Wellness during COVID-19
  • Life after COVID-19: Imagining our Post-Pandemic Future 

Department Member Since: 2019