Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2017 Global Studies Capstone Seminar

April 27, 2017

Spring 2017 Global Studies Capstone Seminar

Thursday April 27

Politics of Language, Language as Politics

Lindsey Matesic
History Repeats Itself: Foreign Language Education Policy in Italy
Mary Catherine Devine
Language Policy and Cultural Diversity in France
Gabrielle Rickstrew
African American Vernacular in Schools: Where Are We Today?
Melanie Diaz
From Assimilation to Inclusion: The Indigenismo Movement in 20th Century Mexico

Tuesday May 2

Conflict and Compromise

Rob Stephens
Intervention vs. Isolation: The Great Powers’ Role in International Affairs
Olivia Paul
International Intervention in Rwanda
Matthew Seifu
Climate Change and Ethiopian Stakeholders
Kayla Lee
Economic Self-Sufficiency among Nepali Bhutanese Refugees

Thursday May 4

Entertainment as Politics: Rap, Hip-Hop, and Theater on a Global Scene

Matt Hillman
The Globalization and Commodification of Rap Music: 1970-2017
Hiromi Holt
The Politics and Economics of Entertainment
Razghiem Golden
Theater as Political Resistance