Carnegie Mellon University

Dissertations in Progress

Alissa Bellotti
"Peace, Protest, and Purple Hair: Youth Subcultures, Cold War Politics, and the Unification of Germany."
Advisor: Harsch

Laura Bradshaw
"Electricity and the South: Gender, Race, and the Politics of Consuming Power in the Tennesssee Valley, 1920-1960."
Advisor: Soluri

David Busch
"A New Higher Learning in America: Students, Citizenship, and the Moral Politics of Education, 1950-1985."
Advisor: Slate

Maroon David
"Off the Land: The Homestead Act and the Politics of Dispossession, 1862-1893"
Advisor: Sandage

Christine Grant
“Reforming the ‘Innocent Culprits’: The ‘Mettray system’ and agricultural colonies for young offenders in France and Russia, 1839-1927”
Advisor: Lynch

Susan Grunewald
“German Prisoners of War in the Soviet Gulag: Life, Law, and Memory, 1941-1956”
Advisor: Goldman

Mark Hauser
"ll the Comforts of Hell: Doughboys and American Mass Culture in the First World War"
Advisor: Sandage

Zhaokun Liu
"Forgotten War, Unforgotten Bodies: The Search, Repatriation, and Identification of the Remains of the U.S. Servicemen Missing in Korea, 1953-2008"
Advisor: Aronson

Matt Nielsen
"Unruliness at the Margins: Politics and Environment in the Lower Orinoco River Basin, 1680s – 1790s"
Advisor: Soluri

Jonathan Stepp
"Cultural Control and Film Policy in the GDR 1949-1971."
Advisor: Harsch

Clayton Vaughn-Roberson
“The Prism of Labor: The National Negro Congress and the Anti-Fascist Movement, 1936-1947”
Advisor: Slate