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Social & Political History

The B.A./B.S. in Social & Political History (SPH) is a research- and writing-intensive major that analyzes the broader historical forces that have shaped our world. The capstone seminar enables students to conduct individualized research on topics of their own choosing. The flexible curriculum easily accommodates primary and additional majors.

Global Studies

Global Studies

The B.A. in Global Studies (GS) contributes to the university’s focus on internationalization and is designed to help students understand the specific character of the present period of world history in relation both to the past and to emergent trends and challenges.

Ethics, History & Public Policy

The B.A./B.S. in Ethics, History, & Public Policy (EHPP) prepares students for leadership positions in law, public policy, ethics, and advocacy by providing them with a rigorous, interdisciplinary humanistic and social-scientific education. It also serves as a foundation for graduate study in many disciplines.



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Internships allow students to embrace causes they care most about or learn more about new opportunities.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

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Both of our majors are designed to be flexible to allow students to study abroad.


Gender Studies

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Six unique and diverse minors are offered by the History Department.

Student Research

Amal Nanavati

Meet Global Studies/Computer Science major Amal Nanavati, who is researching robotic navigational aids for the blind.

He began a research internship abroad where he could apply his technical skills to help underserved populations. His experience in India, where he developed technological aids for the Mathru Educational Trust for the Blind, helped contextualized the impact his work could have on the world. And when he returned, he decided to add a Global Studies major to his academic career.

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Directors & Advisor


Ricky Law

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ema Grama

Director of Global Studies

Steven Schlossman

Director of Ethics, History, & Public Policy Program

jason-hostutler-800x800-min.jpgJason Hostutler

Humanities Advisor


Alexandra Garnhart-Bushakra

Academic Program Manager