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The following workshop is part of Department of History professor Michal Friedman's seminar on Legacies of Fascism and Anti-Fascism: From 1930s Spain to Russia’s War on Ukraine and is open to all CMU faculty, students and community members.

The United States and World Fascism: Human Rights from the Spanish Civil War to Nuremberg and Beyond

This workshop, offered by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA), introduces a carefully curated set of compelling primary sources about human rights and world fascism, starting with the experience of antifascist US volunteers in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), through World War II and the Cold War to the present day. ALBA’s workshops encourage teachers and students to focus on ten essential questions: Why should we care about events that happen far away, or that happened a long time ago? How do we decide who is on the right side of an armed conflict? When do we stand up for what we believe in? What are our obligations in the face of injustice? How do we resolve competing loyalties? When is it right, or necessary, for a powerful country like the US to intervene in a conflict going on elsewhere? How do images and texts shape our view of the world—and how can we use them to shape others’ views? How can we understand people and events of the past in their context? When—and how—is it appropriate to judge people and events in the past? When do historical analogies apply? And what does fascism look like today?

Sebastiaan Faber is chair of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, an educational nonprofit in New York. A professor of Hispanic Studies at Oberlin College, he regularly contributes to US and Spanish media. His most recent book is Exhuming Franco: Spain’s Second Transition (Vanderbilt).
New book: Franco desenterrado. La segunda Transición española. Pasado & Presente, 2022. ( | Exhuming Franco: Spain’s Second TransitionVanderbilt UP, 2021. ( | | Vanderbilt UP | Kindle | Epub)

Event Details

Location: Carnegie Mellon University
Hamerschlag Hall, Hamerschlag Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
ROOM #B131
Time: Wednesday, November 2 @ 4:40 pm