Carnegie Mellon University

Recent Dissertations in History

2013 to Present

Laurence M. Burke, II
"What To Do With the Airplane? Determining the Role of the Airplane in the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, 1908-1930." 2015.
Advisor: Hounshell

David Busch
"A New Higher Learning in America: Students, Citizenship, and the Moral Politics of Education, 1950-1985."
Advisor: Slate

Michael Gallen
"Ethiopia Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands unto God: Christianity and the Development of Liberian Society, 1820-1920." 2018.
Advisor: Sandage

Susan Grunewald
“German Prisoners of War in the Soviet Gulag: Life, Law, and Memory, 1941-1956”
Advisor: Goldman

Mark Hauser
"ll the Comforts of Hell: Doughboys and American Mass Culture in the First World War"
Advisor: Sandage

Robert Hutchings
"Consuming Nature: Fresh Fruit, Processed Juice, and the Re-Making of the Florida Orange,1877-2014," 2015.
Advisor: Soluri

Ruth Kittner
"Becoming Buff and Blue: Identity Transformation in the Mediatized Territories, The Case of Uberlingen 1790-1820," 2013.
Advisor: Harsch

Jessica Klanderud
"Street Wisdom: African American Cultural and Community Transformations on the Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1918-1970," 2013.
Advisor: Trotter

Jiacheng Liu
"Players, Performance and the “Theatrical Public” in Late Qing and Republican Cities," 2015.
Advisor: Sutton

Andrew E. Masich
"Civil Wars in the Southwest Borderlands: Cultures in Conflict, 1861-1867." 2015.
Advisor: Trotter

Takashi Michael Matsumaru
"Reordering a White City: Blacks and Asians in Seattle, 1963-1997." 2018.
Advisor: Trotter

Matthew McGrath
"The Decline of the New Deal Fishery: Labor, Environment, and Independence in the Western Alaskan Fisheries, 1930-1980," 2016.
Advisors: Trotter and Soluri

Cassie Miller: "The Changing Parish: Catholics and the Urban Crisis in Twentieth Century Brooklyn and Greater Long Island," 2016.
Advisors: Trotter and Miller

Syed Kaazim Naqvi
"Building an Urban Umma: African American and Immigrant Muslims in Chicago, 1965-1980" 2015.
Advisor: Trotter

Jonathan Neu
"From Civil War to Civic Engagement: Grand Army Veterans and Progressive Reform, 1890 - 1920" 2018.
Advisor: Sandage

Rachel Oppenheimer
"Of Prisons and Polities: The Black Panther Party, Irish Republican Army and Radical Socio-Political organization, 1966-1983" 2017.
Advisor: Miller

Avigail Oren
"Adjusting to Change: The Jewish Community Center Movement in Postwar Urban America, 1945-1980" 2017.
Advisor: Acker

Russell Pryor
"Work, Nature, and the American Dinner Plate: Making Chicken in the Twentieth Century United States." 2014.
Advisor: Trotter

Andrew Ramey
"A Watershed Movement: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Environmental Politics of Restoring the Largest Estuary in the United States." 2015.
Advisors: Soluri and Tarr

Jay Roszman
"'Outrage' and 'Justice': Irish Moral Economy, British Reform, and the Development of the Modern State in Ireland, 1835-1841," 2015.
Advisor: Miller

Andrew T. Simpson
"Making the Medical Metropolis: Academic Medical Centers and Urban Change in Pittsburgh and Houston, 1945-2010" 2013.
Advisor: Acker

Meredith Soeder
"Jazz in a Transatlantic World: Legitimizing American Jazz in Germany, 1920-1957" 2017.
Advisor: Harsch

Amund Rennesund Tallaksen
"Junkies and Jim Crow: Drugs, Race, and Incarceration in New Orleans, 1880-1980." 2015.
Advisor: Acker

Clayton Vaughn-Roberson
“The Prism of Labor: The National Negro Congress and the Anti-Fascist Movement, 1936-1947”
Advisor: Slate

John Weigel
"Enlightenment Work: West German Rural Community Development Projects in West Africa, 1961-1980," 2016.
Advisor: Harsch

Germaine Williams
"(Re)Culturing the City: Race, Urban Development, and Arts Policy in Chicago, 1935-1987." 2015.
Advisors: Trotter and Schachter

Dawn Winters
"The Ladies Are Coming!”: A New History of Antebellum Temperance, Women’s Rights, and Political Activism." 2018
Advisor: Tetrault