Carnegie Mellon University

Socialist Studies Seminar

Bolshevism as a Revolutionary Collective

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The Socialist Studies Seminar Presents:

Professor Paul LeBlanc

Professor of History, La Roche College

Friday, October 12, 2018

3:30- 5:00pm

History Conference Room
Baker Hall 246-A

The 1917 Russian Revolution reveals the importance of studying Bolshevism not simply as an ideology, but as a revolutionary collective of vibrant personalities who powerfully influenced the thinking and actions of hundreds and thousands of activist cadres, who in turn influenced millions of workers, sailors, soldiers, peasants, intellectuals, and others. Paul LeBlanc focuses here on the tensions between leaders engaged with Marxist theory and the practical on-the-ground organizers, as well as the tensions between those committed to the organizational structures of Bolshevism and those focused on leading mass struggles and mass movements.

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