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Page Types

All pages contain the site-wide and page elements covered in this tour; however, additional page types are available to accommodate different types of content.

Standard Page

The Standard Page (featured in the tour up until this point) will likely be the most used page on your site; multiple content options allow for a simple or complex page layout depending on need.

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Special Page Types

Special pages for Bio, News and Course contain all of the features of a Standard Page, plus added functionality for special content. The layout of special page types includes an added section below the Hero. Provided below is an overview of the special page types.

Bio Pages

The set of Bio pages is used to feature a biography section on your site. Biographies are typically used for faculty, staff and students, and have the flexibility of including as much or as little information as needed.

Page types:

  • Bio - Biographical information about a person including title, education, research and contact information; a photo may be added
  • Bio Index - Directory of bios with filter and dropdown functionality; layout options available
  • Short Bio - Multiple bios on a single page; ideal for a quick overview of people or a contact page

Create Bio Pages

Examples of each bio page.

News Pages

The set of News pages is used to feature a news section on your site. News is ideal for stories, press releases, events, announcements or promoting important topics.

Page types:

  • News Article - News with syndication (sharing and social media options), media inquiry contact information and byline; News Articles may also be featured in the Hero
  • News Index - Directory of news with filter and dropdown functionality

In addition, RSS feeds can be created to broadcast your news.

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Course Pages

The set of Course pages is used to feature a course section on your site.

Page types:

  • Course - Course information including description, semester, instructor and learning objectives
  • Course Index - Directory of courses with filter and dropdown functionality

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Examples of course pages.