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Delete & Restore

Deleting an asset removes it from your site and stores it in the trash for 15 days before being permanently deleted.

Tip: Before deleting an asset, it's a good idea to check for relationships first to ensure nothing is referencing it.

The contents of the trash can

The trash stores deleted assets for 15 days; assets can be restored within this time period.


  1. Select the asset in the asset tree
  2. Click ••• More > Delete in the Action Toolbar, OR
    Right-click on asset > Delete
  3. If the asset is still in use (i.e, linked to from a page) a warning will display, such as:

    1 asset(s) are still using this asset. Deleting it may cause broken links. More details.

    Click on the More details link to see relationships. Determine whether to proceed with deletion or remove the links to the asset before deletion.
  4. Disregard Advanced Unpublish Settings unless you have a need to unpublish from a specific server only (not common)
  5. Click Delete at the upper right

To view the trash, click on Trash at the top of the asset tree; the badge to the right displays number of assets in trash.

Trash icon at top of asset tree with count of deleted assets


Assets can be restored to their original location within 15 days of being deleted.

  1. Click on Trash at the top of the asset tree Trash icon
  2. Deleted items are listed in the workspace; enable the check box(es) next to the asset(s) to be restored

    Deleted asset in trash
  3. Use the tools at the top to perform an action:
    1. Restore to original location  Icon to restore asset.
    2. Delete permanently Icon to delete asset permanently.