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View Audits & Manage Versions

The CMS records the history of an asset and provides tools to view audits and manage versions.

View Audits

The audit tool provides a list of actions performed on an asset since its creation. Use the audit tool to see who modified an asset, when it was modified and what action was taken.

View an Asset's Audits

  1. Select the asset in the asset tree
  2. Click ••• More > Audits in the Action Toolbar, OR
    Right-click on asset > Audits
  3. Apply filters by Start/End Date and Audit Type (optional)
  4. Review the audit list which includes User, Time, Action and Information

Note: Audits can be deleted by selecting the checkbox and then clicking the trash icon that appears above the list, however audits serve as the official record of an asset so it's best not to delete them.

Audit interface in the CMS

The audits interface provides a listing of actions performed on an asset including details on who performed the action and when it was performed; options are also available to filter audits by date and type.

Manage Versions

The CMS stores up to 50 saved versions of an asset. Options are available to restore, delete and compare versions.

Manage an Asset's Versions

  1. Select the asset in the asset tree
  2. Click ••• More > Versions in the Action Toolbar, OR
    Right-click on asset > Versions
  3. Under Past Versions, click on a version to view it
  4. While viewing a version, click ••• More to perform additional tasks
    1. Restore this version - Make this version the current version
    2. Delete this version - Delete the version from the CMS
    3. Compare with current - Compare the version with the current (see tip below for comparing versions)
    4. View current version - View the current version
    5. View newer version - View the next version created
    6. View older version - View the previous version created
Version interface in the CMS

The versions interface provides a listing of the last 50 versions of an asset including who saved the version, when it was saved, and generally what type of modifications were made.

Version Quick Actions

Actions to perform on versions

Actions are available without having to view a version first. Select the checkbox next to a version, then select an action using the tools provided at the top of the list.

  • Restore this version Icon to restore asset.
  • Compare with current Icon to compare with current version.
  • Delete Icon to delete version permanently.


To permanently save a page version for archival purposes, we recommend saving it to your computer. While the CMS does not contain tools to export or save content externally, you may use the Firefox browser to save an HTML file of the page version.

  1. Using the Firefox browser, view the page version you want to save
  2. Right-click on the page display (click on empty space where there are no elements). In the browser menu that appears, select This Frame > Open Frame in New Window.
  3. In the new window, click the browser's main menu and select Save Page As... to save the HTML file to your computer
  4. If required, store the page in accordance with your department's preferred archival method
No, all subsequent versions will still be preserved; when a previous version gets restored, it gets duplicated to become the current version. This action does not erase other versions regardless of when they were created.

Use the guide below to understand the color system when comparing versions.

Comparing versions of a page.

  • Pink highlight with a strikethrough represents content that has been removed
  • Green highlight represents content that has been added
  • Purple highlight represents changes to markup, such as italic and bold, or linking text