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Create Folders

Folders are used to establish a site's navigation and keep its content organized. Ideally, each section of a site and its pages are contained within a folder. Folders are also used to store files such as images and documents.

Create a Folder

Add Content button

  1. Select the parent folder in the asset tree where you wish to create a new folder
  2. Click Add Content > Folder
  3. Complete the required information
    1. Folder Name - Enter the system name for the page (displayed in the asset tree and live URL); follow the requirements provided in the interface
    2. Placement Folder - This will reflect the selected folder; click on folder to change if necessary
    3. Include in Navigation - To include the folder in the navigation, leave at the default Yes; change it to No to prevent it from displaying in the navigation
    4. Navigation Area - Select the appropriate area, Primary or Secondary; more on navigation
  4. Click Submit

Working with Folders in the Asset Tree

Clicking on a folder will expand its contents in the asset tree. To select a folder and display its contents in the workspace (panel at the right), click on the arrow that appears when hovering over the folder.



While creating or editing a folder, tabs are available at the top of the edit window to configure additional settings.

Folder tabs


The Metadata tab includes the navigation settings covered above, plus the following:

  • Display Name, Title, Summary, Teaser, Keywords, Description, Author - Leave blank; not used or not recommended for folders
  • Schedule a Task - Set a Review Date; Note: Start/End Date and Expiration Folder are not currently functional


The Properties tab includes settings to manage the folder properties.

  • Check Spelling - Disregard; this checks spelling for metadata fields which are not used or not recommended for folders
  • Include when indexing - Allow the folder and its contents to be included in the navigation and other areas that automatically populate with content, such as a News Index page
  • Include when publishing - Allow the folder to be included when publish jobs are performed on the folder or a parent folder
  • Include in Stale Content report - Allow the folder's contents to be included when assessing stale content; stale content will appear in the Stale Content widget on the dashboard
  • Tags - Leave blank; not used


Create a new folder for the following scenarios:

  • You want to create a new section on your site that will be included in the navigation such as "About Us" or "News". Creating a new folder (rather than making a single stand-alone page) will ensure the section has the flexibility to accommodate additional pages as the site evolves.
  • You want to create a storage area for files (e.g., images and documents). The folder shouldn't be part of the site navigation, and it won't include any pages for website visitors. In this scenario, change the setting for Include in Navigation to No.
The next step would be to build your pages within the folder. It's best to start with the main page of the section, and be sure to give it a system/page name of index. Once the folder contains the index page, it will display in the navigation.