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A slideshow is a content type that rotates through images and corresponding text. The slides rotate automatically or you can use the controls at either side of the slideshow to manually rotate through them.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Highlights from an event
  • Spotlight on people
  • Tour of a space
  • Overview of projects
  • Exhibit products
  • Showcase inventions
  • Demonstrate a process
  • Recent accomplishments

If you want to display multiple images on your site, slideshows provide a good way of organizing images without cluttering the page.

Slideshow images should be 700 pixels wide; the height is open.

Tip: To ensure your slideshows look polished and professionally produced, it's important that all of the images are the exact same dimensions. Images of different dimensions will result in choppy, inconsistent slideshows.

The minimum number of slides is two, and while there is no maximum we recommend no more than 5-7.

Example of single slideshow slide promoting an event.

Example of a single slide; see the fully functional slideshow below. Slideshows can be used to highlight upcoming events.

Add a Slideshow

  1. In page edit mode, start with a Content section (to add a new one click the plus sign (+) near an existing one)
  2. For Type select Slideshow
  3. Select a Style
  4. Add slides
    1. Choose File to browse and select the image
    2. Enter a description of the image for Alt Text
    3. Add content to the WYSIWYG
    4. Repeat steps a-d for each slide (two slides minimum, click the plus sign (+) to add more slides)
Configuring a content type slideshow in the user interface.

Slideshow settings in page edit interface.

A slideshow in action:

Students with balloon hats on their heads.
Carnival is one of CMU's most unique events. Spring Carnival lasts three days and is filled with amusement park rides, awe inspiring booths, tasty snacks and buggy races.
Students enjoying the Holi festival.
For more than 100 years, Carnival has been — and continues to be — one the most anticipated weekends of the year for the entire Carnegie Mellon University community. 
Construction of carnival booths.
Booth is an especially creative CMU tradition. Student organizations build multi-story structures around a chosen theme which include interactive games and elaborate decorations.
Student in a buggy being pushed by another person in a kilt.

Buggy is one of Carnegie Mellon University's longest held traditions and a quintessential part of CMU culture. In just over two minutes, teams of power-pushing men and women race around a .84 mile track with buggy and driver leading the way around Schenley Park's Flagstaff Hill, with speeds up to 40 mph.