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Staff Council Representatives

Staff Council is comprised of elected representatives who work closely with university administration to address issues and develop best solutions for staff and the university community. Representatives are elected to a two-year term of service and are expected to actively engage their constituents and participate in Staff Council initiatives. Staff Council ensures that all schools and campus units are represented.

2021-2022 Officers

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Past Chairs

Jason Wagner

2020-2021 Chair

Bryan Koval

2019-2020 Chair

Jessica Owens

2018-2019 Chair

Tim Leonard

2017-2018 Chair

M. Shernell Smith

2016-2017 Chair

Matt D'Emilio

2015-2016 Chair

Pattye Stragar

2014-2015 Chair

John Lanyon

2013-2014 Chair



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More About Staff Council

Staff Council Committees

There are so many ways to get involved in Staff Council without running for a seat. There are folks out there who want to know more and get involved, but don't really know how. Here is an open invitation to join us, in whatever way you can.

Please take a look at the committees and consider where you might be able to share your talents then contact the committee chair.

Divisional Breakdown

Staff Council membership consists of two (2) elected members from each campus unit, as defined in the organizational chart maintained by the Elections Committee Chair. Membership also consists of elected at-large members whose number is equal to the total number of allotted campus unit seats.
The terms of office last for two years and begin with the July Staff Council meeting.