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A service provided by the University CMS Team

Tools & Request Forms

New CMS Site

Request a new CMS website.

Launch Website

Request to launch your completed CMS website; request must be submitted by one of the site owners (Sponsor or Lead).

CMS Self-Service Tool

For site owners (Sponsor or Lead) to add site managers, giving them CMS access to sites; additionally, site owners can upgrade site managers to Leads.

Change Site Sponsor

Request to add or change your CMS site's sponsor; request must be submitted by one of the site owners (Sponsor or Lead).

Orphan Report

Request a report to identify content on your live website that no longer exists in the CMS.

URL Redirect

Request a URL redirect to automatically send website visitors from one URL to another.

Site Backup

Request a backup copy of your published website.

Site Deletion

Request your website to be taken offline and removed from the CMS.

CMS Virtual Office Hours

Request CMS help through a virtual consultation via Zoom.


Web Analytics

Request access to your website's Google Analytics.

Need a place to practice your CMS skills?

If you are an authorized CMS user, you may request access to the CMS Playground where you can practice all of the tasks needed to maintain your actual site.