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Bio Pages

Carnegie Mellon is home to many unique and interesting people. Did you know that the hashtag was invented by an alumnus of CMU, Chris Messina? And whenever you see a print of Campbell's Tomato Soup hanging on the wall, you can thank another alumnus of Carnegie Mellon, Andy Warhol. We take pride in our people and community, and one of the best ways to show this is adding a bio section to your site.

Bio pages contain biographical information about people. There are three different bio page types to suit your needs. Bio pages display information about a single individual. Bio and Bio Index pages work hand-in-hand to provide a directory listing of people and can include filter functionality. A Short Bio page accommodates multiple people on a single page and is recommended for introducing a group of people collectively. You can also use Short Bios for contact pages.

Explore Bio Pages


Build up your bio section with Bio pages, one per person. Include as much or as little information as you wish.


Bio Index

Compile a directory of your Bios. Bio Index pages work in tandem with Bio pages and will pull information from each individual's Bio page to populate the index.


Short Bio

Utilize Short Bio pages for showing multiple people on one page or presenting contact details. The biographies in these Short Bio pages contain less description than individual Bio pages.