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Checking out an asset places a lock on it so it cannot be edited by others. Locks are typically used temporarily to prevent accidental overrides when multiple website managers are working on a site.

Check-out/Lock an Asset

  1. Select the asset in the asset tree
  2. Click ••• More > Check-out/Lock in the Action Toolbar, OR
    Right-click on the asset > Check-out/Lock
  3. The asset will be locked and a preview of the Working Copy (i.e., the copy that is only editable by you) will display; proceed to make edits by clicking Edit in the Action Toolbar

Note: If you exit the Working Copy and return later to make further edits, select the Working Copy from the dropdown at the upper left of the preview; proceed with edits.

Dropdown menu to choose which copy to edit

Check-in/Unlock an Asset

A locked asset will display additional options in the Action Toolbar during preview.

Check-out options in action toolbar

  • Commit changes - Submit your the edits made to the Working Copy AND unlock the asset
  • Break Lock - Break the lock without submitting your edits; all edits to the Working Copy will be discarded

Finding Locked Assets

All of your locked assets can be accessed by clicking My Content > Locked Assets in the Main Toolbar, or on the Dashboard in the My Content widget under Locks.

My Content widget showing locks

Click on a locked asset and proceed with edits.


If you want to give another manager access, you have three options:

  1. If you made edits to the asset, click Commit changes to submit your edits; the asset will then be unlocked and include your edits
  2. If you did not make edits or want to discard your edits, click Break Lock; the asset will be unlocked and remain unedited
  3. If you want to keep the asset locked but reassign it to the other website manager (any edits you made will be discarded), look for the lock message on the preview:

    Option to reassign lock to another website manager.

    Click Reassign lock to another user and select the user from the Choose User menu.

The Check-out/Lock function should be used sparingly for edits that are more involved or take more time than regular edits. The CMS has safety measures in place to notify you if another website manager is working on a draft version of an asset you edit.

The risk of using the Check-out/Lock function is that if the person responsible leaves, the asset will remain uneditable by others. If this happens, contact to request the lock be broken.