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Submit, Save & Drafts

The process of saving your updates in the CMS includes the option to preview a draft or bypass it for quick edits.

Note: Submitting/saving a page in the CMS does not update the live version of the page on your website; a separate step called publishing is required to push your updates live. More on publishing.


There are a couple of methods to submit/save a page.

Method 1: Preview Draft (view page before final submit)

Save & Preview button
  1. When you are ready to view your page, click Preview Draft at the upper right
  2. A draft of the page will display; review page and proceed with one of the following
    1. If no further edits are needed, click Submit; add comments (optional) then click Submit or Check Content & Submit to perform a spell check before the final submit
    2. If additional edits are needed, click Edit in the Action Toolbar and proceed with edits
    3. To discard your edits and revert the page back prior to your edits, click Discard in the Action Toolbar

Method 2: Submit (bypass preview of draft and go straight to final submit)

Quick submit using the kabob menu
  1. When you are ready to save your page, click the kabob menuat the upper right
  2. Add additional comments (optional) then click Submit or Check Content & Submit to perform a spell check before the final submit


Drafts are pages that are works in progress and can be stored in the CMS for an indefinite period of time. A draft will not interfere with the current version of a page until a final submit is committed, at which point the draft becomes the current version.

Saving a Draft

The CMS automatically saves a draft of your page as you make edits, and will store the draft until actions are taken to either submit or discard it. As you edit your page, look for the Draft saved message at the upper right to confirm your last edit has been saved in the draft.

Draft saved message

Editing a Draft

If a page contains a draft version, a dropdown will appear at the upper left of the preview and contain options to select the current (submitted) version, or the draft. Select the draft and then click Edit in the Action Toolbar to proceed with edits.

Dropdown menu to choose which version to edit

Note: If you edit a current version of a page that has a draft available, the following message will appear with options to work with the draft:

A draft of this page was saved Today 9:59 AM. Do you want to preview the changes, resume editing or discard it?

Finding Your Drafts

All of your page drafts can be accessed by clicking My Content > Drafts in the Main Toolbar, or on the Dashboard in the My Content widget under Drafts.

My Content widget showing drafts

Click on a draft and proceed with edits.


For sites which are maintained by multiple website managers, coordinating updates is key to preventing accidental overrides.

Unfortunately no, you can only view your own drafts. However, with proper coodination they may submit the page and you may review the updated version in the CMS before it is published. You may also use the versions feature to compare the current version with the previous version.

The CMS cannot combine drafts or consolidate edits made by multiple people, so keeping an eye out for potential conflicts is very important. If you edit a page that another person has a draft of, a warning will appear:

Warning when another person is working on a draft of the page

Communicate with the person to coordinate the edits; you may use the @username mention feature to comment on the page directly within the CMS.