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Web Forms

Web forms are used to collect information from website visitors, such as a survey, an application or simply a contact method. Several web form options are available to incorporate on your site.

MailTo Forms

MailTo forms use a script to send submissions from an HTML form you create to a Carnegie Mellon email address. To use MailTo forms, you must have an intermediate or advanced level of HTML authoring.

More on MailTo Forms

Google Forms

A Google form collects data into a spreadsheet. Create the form using Google's form tools then embed the form onto your site. Use your university Google account for this service rather than a personal Google account.

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Create web forms using the Wufoo form designer (create a CMU Wufoo theme), then embed the form or link to it from your site. A limited number of forms are free, or you may subscribe to the service for a cost.

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Follow the steps below to customize your Wufoo form with university branding.
  1. Go to the Themes tab in Wufoo
  2. Select Create New from the Theme dropdown
  3. Select Logo > Your Logo in properties
    Customize Wufoo forms with university branding
  4. Set the height to 37 and paste in the URL to CMU's wordmark
  5. Select Advanced and paste in the URL to CMU's custom WuFoo Stylesheet
  6. Save the theme
  7. Go back to the Forms tab, find your form and select your new theme from the dropdownWufoo theme selection