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Short Bio

A Short Bio page features multiple people on a single page and is ideal for providing brief bios with basic information; Short Bio pages are often used as contact pages. Unlike regular Bio pages, Short Bio pages do not require you to create a separate page for each person.

Short Bio pages include the following features:

  • Pre-defined fields for a variety of information including name, title, department and contact information
  • Option to upload a photo
  • Sidebar for website links
  • A single open text area for bio
  • Hero and additional content area

Short Bio pages are styled with alternating rows of grey and white.

Short bio page.

Example of a Short Bio page.

Create a Short Bio Page

  1. Select the folder in the asset tree where you want to create the Short Bio page

  2. Click Add Content > Bio > Short Bio
  3. Complete the required information
    1. Page Name - Enter the system name for the page (displayed in the asset tree and live URL); follow the requirements provided in the interface
    2. Placement Folder - This will reflect the selected folder; click on folder to change if necessary
    3. Title - Enter the user-friendly name displayed in the navigation (e.g., Our Team, People, Faculty, etc.)
    4. Description - Enter a summary of the page; used by search engines
    5. Hide from Navigation - To prevent page from displaying in the navigation, change to Yes; leave at the default No to include it
  4. Social Media Image (optional) - To use a different image for social media other than the one specified in the setup, Choose File to browse and select the image
  5. Include Hero Section (optional)
Creating a new short bio page.

Creating a new Short Bio page.

Intro Text (optional)

  1. Intro Text - In the WYSIWYG, provide an introduction for the bios featured on the page
Example of an intro on a short bio page.

Example of Intro Text on page.


  1. Image - Choose File to browse and select a photo of the person
    1. High resolution photo - Choose File to browse and select a high resolution photo for download by website visitors (ideal for printed material)
  2. Name - Person's full name including Prefix and Suffix if applicable
  3. CMU Indicia - If the person obtained a degree at CMU, specify college and year; click the plus sign (+) to add another
  4. Title - Enter Job Title and select the Department the person is affiliated with; click the plus sign (+) to add another
  5. Contact Information - Enter Address, Phone, Fax and Email
Example of bio information on a short bio page.

Example of basic bio information; contact information is collapsed by default and can be expanded by clicking the Contact link.

Bio (optional)

  1. Bio - Enter bio into the WYSIWYG
  2. Collapse Bio - If enabled, this bio section will be collapsed (hidden) with a link to expand it
Example of bio on short bio page.

Example of bio expanded; the Bio heading serves as a link to expand and collapse the section.

Add Another Short Bio (optional)

Want to feature another short bio? Click the plus sign (+) near an existing short bio and repeat the steps above.

Control to add a new short bio.

Additional Content Area (optional)

Include a standard content area at the bottom of the page to enhance it with any of the content types (WYSIWYG, grid, slideshow, wide). Click the plus sign (+) to add another content area.

Additional content area (optional)

Additional content area in the page edit interface.

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