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Page Elements

Page elements are the things that are customizable on a per-page basis. Unlike the site-wide elements that are identical on every page, the page elements are what make each page unique. Page elements are categorized into two main sections, Hero and Content.

Example of a page with the page elements hero and content highlighted

Hero (optional)

Example of hero with elements numbered.

The Hero is a large visual that can be added to the top of any page. A Hero will make your page pop! And while not all pages need a Hero, we recommend using one on your home page and other highly visible pages to add visual appeal.

Configure the Hero


  1. Large visual that is a photo, news article, or silent YouTube video. Multiple photos and news articles (up to four) can be used for a rotating effect.
  2. Text overlay (optional) allows text and links to overlay the visual. Text overlay can be a text box (shown in example), centered text or a caption.


Example of content area with a paragraph of text.

The content is the heart of the page!

configure content


Four different content types to accommodate your material:

  1. An open content area for text, media, images and more (shown in example); optional add-ons include expand/collapse and sidebar
  2. A grid of boxes for text, photos, event and link lists
  3. A slideshow with rotating images and text
  4. A wide open area for large display of photos and media