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Carnegie Mellon is constantly making the news. We figured out how to ramp up guacamole production and train a robotic butler to separate an Oreo, you know, some really important stuff. The things we do are impressive, and it would be selfish not to share. Adding a news section to your site is the best way to get the word out.

There are two types of news pages available, a News Article page and a News Index page, which work together harmoniously to provide a directory of news. Additionally, you can create RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to syndicate your news.

Before You Start, Consider the Folder Structure

Before you ink up the printing press, it's important to think about the best way to structure the news section from the start so that it's sustainable for years to come. Ideally, an article should reside at the same URL for the life of the article; this means that as an article ages, you should not move it into a different folder (such as an archive folder) unless you plan to fully retire it from your site.

To determine the ideal folder structure for the news section on your site, ask yourself: how often will you be creating news?

  1. Create a folder for news
  2. Within the news folder, create a folder for each year
  3. Within each year folder, create a folder for each month
  4. Create articles in the appropriate month and year folders

Folder structure for site with frequent news.

  1. Create a folder for news
  2. Within the news folder, create a folder for each year
  3. Create articles in the appropriate year folder

Folder structure for site with occasional news.

It's time to rethink having a news section. A site that appears to have neglected or abandoned news sends a bad message to your website visitors (i.e., your site is old and crusty!). If you have something newsworthy to say, try to incorporate it onto an existing page, such as in a sidebar on your home page.

Meme saying just don't

I'm ready to make the news!

News Article

After establishing the folder structure, it's time to slip on your green editor's visor and start wordsmithing away.

Start the press!

News Index

A News Index page serves as a directory of your news. It magically seeks out News Articles and automatically displays them in a nice tidy grid.

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Really Simple Syndication really IS simple! RSS is a feed that can broadcast your news in a few creative ways.

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