Carnegie Mellon University


December 22, 2023

Osher at CMU presents a lecture: "From Steel to Space: Pittsburgh Leads America’s Return to the Moon"

Friday, January 5th at 7pm on Zoom
Sign up for the lecture by logging into the registration website and registering for ID: 5051.

Did you know that Pittsburgh is leading America back to the surface of the Moon for the first time since the Apollo program ended more than 50 years ago? The Peregrine lunar lander, Pittsburgh’s first spacecraft, was built by Astrobotic Technology on Pittsburgh’s North Side and is set to launch to the Moon from Cape Canaveral, Florida in January. This lecture is presented by Moonshot Museum, with a special guest from Astrobotic’s Peregrine Flight Team who will share their role in the mission and take questions from the audience.
Join us to learn more about:

  • What cargo Peregrine is carrying… including a very special payload from CMU!
  • Astrobotic – Pittsburgh’s space robotics company working to make space accessible to the world
  • What makes this a history-making mission for Pittsburgh, NASA, the USA and the world
  • The brand-new rocket that will launch Peregrine from Cape Canaveral
  • Pennsylvania’s fast-growing space industry
  • Upcoming spacecraft being built in Pittsburgh and how to follow along with them
  • How to register with NASA to get mission updates and join the online watch party for the moon launch on January 8th!
Moonshot Museum is Pennsylvania’s first space museum. Co-located on Astrobotic’s campus, Moonshot Museum is paving the way for a new and diverse generation to find their place in the space industry… in Pittsburgh and beyond! Visitors can engage with the contemporary space industry through hands-on exhibits and by watching the real-time assembly of lunar spacecraft through a wall of glass looking into Astrobotic’s clean room laboratory.