Carnegie Mellon University

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ZIG - The Floured Hands Zoom-in Group

Register for this ZIG online with ID: 3418.
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10:00 to 11:00 AM.

Ah, bread, or pain, or lechem, brot, broa, pane, bolo, naan, and so many other names, is a staple of food for virtually every culture.  Is it true that a table is not fully set without a basket of bread? Are you interested in learning how to bake bread?  Are you an experienced baker willing to share tips, techniques, and favorite recipes?  Do you just want to talk about bread?  Well then, our bread Zoom-in Group (ZIG), The Floured Hands, is just for you. Join our weekly Zoom-based shared conversation about baking bread.  We will focus on one topic per weekly meeting, lasting no more than an hour, with topics like selecting the best ingredients, equipment, mixing, yeast, kneading, rising (or proofing), shapes, baking, and many more.

SIG - Bridge for Fun: Saturday Edition

Register for this SIG online with ID: 4566.
Meets Saturdays from 9:30AM to 12:00PM in the Osher Lounge, Cyert Hall Level B.

Bridge for Fun: Saturday Edition is a Special Interest Group that meets Saturday mornings. Its members are contract bridge enthusiasts who participate in  "coached", friendly sessions where they can play without feeling pressured. Participants improve their skills at the game of bridge, enjoy playing the game recreationally, and become friends with other bridge enthusiasts. Regular attendance is not required; you can enjoy and learn whether you attend every week or only as your busy schedule permits. Participants are added from the waiting list. Requirements: basic knowledge of the game of bridge and tolerance of fellow players of all skill levels.

SIG - Brownbag Lunch and a Movie

Register for this SIG online with ID: 4490.
Meets Friday, March 3rd and April 28th from 12:30-2:30PM in the Osher Lounge, Cyert Hall Level B.

Watching movies together is a great social and learning experience. We are happy to announce that a new Special Interest Group will meet around lunchtime to view, and discuss, five great films. The group will meet the 8th week of each session form October until April.

Members will bring their own brownbag lunch.  There is no charge for attending the SIG. However, a selection of drinks and desserts will be for sale by the Membership/Social Committee.

Movies will be shown:

March 3 - Remains of the Day
April 28 - Moonstruck

SIG - Singing In A Choral Group

Register for this SIG online with ID: 4624.
Meets Thursdays, March 9th to April 20th from 1-2:30PM at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, 5700 Forbes Ave, Squirrel Hill, 15217

In an atmosphere of collegiality, the group learns choral music spanning the centuries. No experience is necessary; however, the class does learn 2- and 3-part music. Reading music is helpful. The desire to participate and learn is essential! Masks may be worn.

Temporarily Suspended SIGs

SIG - Patron of the Arts

Calling all Osher members who are passionate patrons of the arts, artists, musicians! We are creating a special interest group just for you! We are looking to create opportunities for small events where we gather together and dialogue with one another about music, dance, art, and all types of creative expression in a stimulating environment. Come share your passion and expertise with like-minded artists and patrons! 

Characteristics of Osher at CMU Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

  • SIGs are forums where members socialize with others who share common interests.
  • The settings for SIGs are less formal than for regular Osher courses.
  • SIGs complement the Osher at CMU curriculum without competing with regular courses.
  • Osher at CMU members who share interests establish, manage, and run SIGs.
  • All Osher at CMU members and prospects can participate in SIGs; non-members may not. Prospects will need to pay an $85.00 fee per term to participate.
  • Non-member guests are permitted only with prior authorization by Osher and the coordinator.
  • Commercial/professional promotion/advertising are prohibited at Osher at CMU SIG events.

Role of Osher at CMU Administration:

  • Osher at CMU provides no financial support for SIGs.
  • Administrative support for SIGs is limited to the following:
    1. The Osher at CMU office posts information about SIGs on its website.
    2. Coordinators can submit announcements to appear in the WE newsletter.
    3. Each SIG is entered in Augusoft as a "course" with the SIG coordinator as study leader.

Process for Establishing a New Osher at CMU SIG

  1. A member who wishes to establish a new SIG completes and submits the SIG proposal form.
  2. The Executive Committee reviews and acts on the proposal.
  3. Actions are approval, rejection for cause, or return for revision or additional information.
  4. Upon approval of a proposal, the applicant convenes an organizational meeting.

Goals of SIG Organizational Meeting

  1. Identify a coordinator who manages the group’s activities, including list of participants.
  2. Determine how tasks will be distributed among the participants.
  3. Establish minimum requirements for participation in the group.
  4. Confirm that there are at least 15 Osher members who are willing participants.
  5. Determine if there are upper limits to the number of participants.
  6. Agree upon a meeting schedule, format, and any other relevant characteristics.

Joining SIGs

  • A member who wishes to join a SIG contacts the coordinator for detailed information.
  • The coordinator informs the Osher office to add new members to the course roster.

Record Keeping and Communication 

  • The Augusoft system is the official list of current SIG members.
  • Coordinators communicate with SIG members through the "e-mail students" function.
  • Coordinators must submit current lists of their members to the office in April and October.
  • Coordinators notify the office when a SIG is at capacity.
  • Contact lists can be provided to SIG participants only with unanimous permission.
  • SIG member lists are to be used only for communication about SIG activities.
  • The Executive Committee may discontinue any SIG that does not meet the guidelines.