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Course catalogs are mailed to members before the start of each term. They can be mailed to any address a member chooses as long as the desired address is given to the office at least two months prior to the start of the term. Only address changes received by email can be guaranteed. The catalog is mailed bulk and therefore is NOT forwarded by the USPS.

In the event you do not receive your catalog, a copyof the catalog is available in the office for $8. For an additional $4, the copy of the catalog can be mailed to the address you specify.

Open Course List

Once registration begins, the office will provide this updated list of courses that have seats available. Please check this list prior to registering as many courses fill quickly.

About Evening Lectures at Osher at CMU

Lectures are sponsored by Osher at CMU for our members, prospects, study leaders, and for the CMU community. Guests are also welcome. Members may register themselves for lectures and everyone else should register by email. If a lecture is moved, rescheduled or canceled, we make every attempt to contact those who have registered. 

Lectures must be pre-approved by the Lecture Committee. If you have been invited to submit a proposal for a lecture by a member of the Lecture Committee, please click the link in the teal box or below to begin the process. Please have ready your description and a high-quality digital photo (JPEG, 300 dpi, 8”x10” is preferred.) Enter the requested information, attach the photo, and submit the form.

Note that few dates are available to choose from and dates are not guaranteed. Your contact on the Lecture Committee will confirm your availability with you. You may contact the office at 412-268-7489 or

Please note that you may not sell or promote any services or products. Complete and submit the Evening Lecture Proposal Form