Carnegie Mellon University
November 29, 2017

Issue with Verizon and AOL Email Addresses

Carnegie Mellon University's Computing Services has informed us that Verizon and AOL email addresses do not receive emails that are sent through a distribution list. This is a widespread issue with Verizon/AOL.

You may still be receiving some of our emails, but many are not being delivered. It's a hit-or-miss and this issue isn't exclusive to emails sent from Osher.

We were informed by the university that “When Carnegie Mellon University's mail servers attempted to hand mail off to the and servers, they responded with "User unknown." This means and's MX servers told CMU that they do not know who those users are, so they will not accept mail for them. It is Verizon/AOL that is denying delivery for these messages. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for this as the error is occurring on the receiving end.”  

It is very important that Verizon/AOL users are able to receive emails from Osher at CMU. Please find a new email provider and send a "change notice" email to from your new email address.