Carnegie Mellon University

Marie Montano

May 17, 2019

Lecture Canceled

From Bathroom Bills to Military Bans

Over the past two years, the Transgender community has witnessed their hard-fought rights under attack at all levels of government. As part of a growing movement to use Trans lives as a wedge issue the Trump Administration has emboldened attacks on the Transgender community. Join us as we discuss the history of Transgender rights, what is at stake, and how to be an effective ally for the Transgender and Gender non-conforming community of Pittsburgh.

MARIA MONTANO has spent the last decade and a half sharing her personal journey as a transgender woman and advocating for the civil rights of the transgender community. Prior to moving to Pennsylvania in 2012 she served on the Board of Directors for LGBT organizations in Colorado and established the first peer-facilitated support group for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in Northern Colorado as well as working with healthcare providers across the state on providing trans-competent care to their patients. Since moving to Pittsburgh she has been involved with civil rights organizations, local elected officials, and community members to advocate on behalf of transgender rights in the face of renewed attacks on their rights. Most recently she helped pass a resolution from Pittsburgh City Council to support Transgender rights in Pittsburgh.