Carnegie Mellon University

A10-Physical Computing Lab

September 11, 2018

Special new fall course with IDeATe

Intro to Physical Computing: Design Partners

Unique invitation from IDeATe (Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology) to collaborate with Physical Computing students in the lab. There are 4 classes and attendance is required to complete the project. There are 3 scheduled dates and one date will be announced after the course begins. The number of seats may expand depending on CMU students registered.

An interdisciplinary course offered for CMU undergrads called "Introduction to Physical Computing" focuses on building useful interactive devices for, and with, older people. We are seeking, via Osher, a small group of people who would like to serve as design partners for that class. Partners will meet with undergrad and grad students for a total of four sessions over the course of the semester, to work through stages of ideation, design, prototyping, and final critique. The semester culminates in each older design partner getting a custom-built functioning piece of helpful interactive technology which is theirs to keep.

Study Leader Robert Zacharias teaches Introduction to Physical Computing at CMU. Prior to starting at CMU, he worked in hands-on education at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, and before that, he worked with low-income families in the Bronx, NYC.