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CMU Students eating dinner with host family

August 10, 2017

Become a Host Family for International CMU Students

By K. Jimmy Hsia, PhD, Vice Provost for International Programs and Strategy

Christine Asenjo
  • International Programs Coordiantor

Dear Osher Members,

I am proud to announce the second year of the Host Family Program for International Students on the Pittsburgh campus, which is part of a university-wide effort to enrich the student experience at Carnegie Mellon University.

The program matches CMU international students (ages 18 and older) with local hosts who are interested in serving as Pittsburgh ambassadors.  We would like to give you, Osher members, the opportunity to be hosts.  Single people, and couples with and without children, are welcome to participate.

Students and hosts build relationships that best fit their needs, agreeing to meet every month or so at convenient times. For these activities, the host will provide transportation for the student to and from campus or the immediate Oakland area. (Please note that this is not a homestay program.)

We are actively seeking Osher members in the Pittsburgh area to serve as hosts.  Through these exchanges, you will have the chance to meet our interesting and talented students, explore your own community in new ways, and gain a unique perspective about the world by sharing your traditions and hobbies with someone who is from another culture.

I encourage you to visit our website for more information about the program, and to submit your application. 

This program is administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Programs and Strategy.  Feel free to contact Christine Asenjo, International Programs Coordinator, at  if you have further questions.

Thank you!