Carnegie Mellon University

Al Kosmal with dog

January 26, 2018

Volunteer of the Week Al Kosmal

By Diane Berman

Al Kosmal

Al Kosmal, who has taught a variety of always-filled cooking classes at Osher for a decade, came to our classrooms after having catered a Christmas party for Barbara Cloud, former Pittsburgh Press fashion editor, and attended by her friend, neighbor, and Osher member, Sylvia Sachs, former Press book editor. Both women were bowled over by the food. Sylvia Sachs convinced Al to join Osher and share the latest of his talents, his culinary skills, in a long, varied career.

His newest course, “This and That”, offered during the spring term, will feature foods from Spain, Italy, Germany Austria, Hungary, and France, reminiscent of his residency and travels in Europe. Cooking caps a career that has included department store buyer, marketing director for the Pittsburgh and Denver Symphony Orchestras, PR firm co-owner (Germany) restaurant owner (Denver), bed-and-breakfast owner (Vermont). Somehow, his love of cooking and his desire to share quality food with others has permeated his life’s work.

In his spare time, Al enjoys spending reading, visiting museums, and spending time with family who live in Pittsburgh.

In the sidebar, Al has graciously agreed to share a favorite recipe with us to beat the winter doldrums.