Carnegie Mellon University

Zoom Helpers

Responsibilities of a Zoom Helper:

  • Make sure participants display their full name.
  • Lock the meeting (if your study leader wants it locked).
  • Mute participants (if needed).
  • Keep an eye on time. Notify the instructor when it is about five minutes until the end.  
  • Remove any participant who behaves inappropriately. They will not be notified ahead of time; they will no longer be in the meeting upon removal. You do not need to do any follow-up. Let them contact the office themselves if they feel the need.


Buttons used in Zoom, listed based on the responsibilities above:

  • If a participant needs to be renamed, ask them to rename themselves. Class members are expected to know how to do this. If they cannot do so, rename them:
    1. Click on Manage Participants (icon of people)
    2. Find the person’s name or search for their name in the search bar on that list
    3. Hover over their name and click on the blue More button
    4. Click Rename
    5. Change their name to display their first and last name
  • If your study leader wants the meeting to be locked to latecomers:
    1. Click on Security (icon of a shield)
    2. Click on Lock Meeting so that a check mark appears
  • If a participant needs to be muted, in the participant’s video, click on Mute in the upper right. Or:
    1. Click on Manage Participants (icon of people)
    2. Find the person’s name or search for their name in the search bar on that list
    3. Hover over their name and click the blue Mute button
  • If you need to remind the instructor that class is close to ending, there is no Zoom button to keep track of time, though you may use the Chat feature to remind them. Check with your instructor before class starts, about if they will use the Chat and what communication is needed regarding timing.
  • If a participant is behaving inappropriately and needs to be removed from class:
    1. In the Meeting Controls (toolbar) at the bottom of the screen, click on Security (icon of a shield)
    2. Click Remove Participant (then, the participant has been removed and will not be permitted to re-enter even if the class is unlocked)

Since we are all learning Zoom, if you have any other tips or suggestions please email the office at

Volunteer on a Committee

Opportunities for Members

Osher at CMU relies heavily on volunteers. We have a small paid staff to run the office, but as a membership organization, member involvement is vital to the life of the organization.  Most committees are typically filled in July. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please call the Osher office, 412-268-7489.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prospects are not Osher Members. Committee participation is limited to Osher Members only. 

See the Current Committee Openings

 Standing Committees:

The Curriculum Committee develops and prepares the course offerings for each term, including contacting potential study leaders and evaluating the effectiveness of course offerings.

Curriculum Committee Charter

The Finance Committee monitors the financial health of the organization, provides input and assistance for development of the annual budget, and oversees the funds that Osher at CMU has invested.

Finance Committee Charter

The Leadership Committee is responsible for Director orientation and development, publicizing opportunities for members to contribute to Osher at CMU, developing succession plans, identifying potential future leaders, and helping to engage and involve potential leaders in Osher at CMU activities.

Leadership Committee Charter

The Membership/Social Committee welcomes new members, awards scholarships, and sends condolences. It organizes the annual Member Picnic, the New Member Reception, the Winter Party and other events as needed.

Membership/Social Committee Charter

The Nominating Committee solicits applications and nominations from the Osher at CMU membership for Directors, interviews applicants, and presents a slate of proposed Directors to the Board at its April meeting for the Board's review and approval. The resulting slate is provided to the membership no later than 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Nominating Committee Charter

The Human Resources Committee makes recommendations regarding employment policies and procedures and serves as a resource for the Executive Director regarding employment and benefits issues. The committee reviews staff compensation and benefits to ensure that they are competitive and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee for any changes. Human Resource experience a with a non-profit organization is particularly helpful.

Human Resources Committee Charter

Current Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Accessibility
  • Capital Project
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Strategic Plan