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April 27, 2018

Board Slate and Proposed Bylaws

New Officers and Board Members

By Joe Shirk, Nominating Chair

The Osher Nominating Committee is pleased to submit to the membership the following slate of newly approved 1st term Directors. The slate was approved at the April 26th, 2018 board meeting.

Approved 1st Term Board Members for 2018-2021:

    • Circe Curley
    • Janice Hawkins
    • Mona Strassburger
    • Marcia Taylor

Solicitations for nominations for board members were made of the membership from November 2017 through January 2018. The Nominating committee reviewed each application submitted for Board membership. The Committee then scheduled interviews with each applicant, preceded by a group session, with all applicants and the nominating committee.

The questions during the interviews focused on the following criteria:

A. Experience
What the candidate brings to the Board or Office (talent, skills, abilities, experience). What experience the candidate has had with Osher (number of years as a member, volunteering, taking courses, attending other Osher functions, teaching for Osher, serving on Osher committees).

B. Time Availability and Personal Motivation to Serve
Will the candidate have the time to attend Board meetings and serve on a committee? How motived is the candidate to serve the organization?

C. Ability to work well with others
How well would the candidate work with other members of the Board, with the staff, and with the membership in general as a representative of the Board.

After all interviews were conducted, the full nominating Committee met to discuss all candidates and made their final decision on the slate of Board Members and Officers.

The following people are now committee members or have been members during the past year: Joe Shirk, Jeffrey Swoger, Jim Reitz, Lyn Decker, Seema Shah* and Susan Morris*
* Denotes non-board member

The following board officers were elected for one year at the March 22nd, 2018 board meeting:

    • Allan Hribar, President
    • Jim Reitz, Vice President
    • Lee Fogarty, Secretary
    • Roz Goorin, Treasurer

The 2nd term board members elected are:

Rosalie Barsotti, Jim Reitz, and Raja Sooriamurthi. Their term runs 2018-2021.