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Osher Events

  • Jan 9 - Apr 28 Winter 2023 Term Session One: Jan. 19-Feb. 17 One & Two Day Classes: Feb. 20-Mar. 3 Session Two: Mar. 6-Apr. 28

Chatham University Events

  • Oct 23 - Dec 31 There are not Chatham University events at this time
bridge for fun

Winter 2023 Special Interest Group Photos

4556: SIG - Bridge for Fun: Saturday Edition

Members enjoy a Saturday Bridge game thanks to this fun and lively SIG! They even 
Wine course

Winter 2023 Class Photos

4552: Economics of Battery Energy Storage (Pat Ervin)

Study Leader Pat Ervin took the class to explore a portion of the campus distribution grid in Wean Hall.

Photo submitted by: Bob Heilbronner

River experiments

Fall 2022 Class Photos

4388: Our Three Rivers: Key To Quality Of Life & Our Economy (Scott Harshman, Rich Lockwood)

Students doing experiments with water from the Ohio River.

Photo submitted by: Carol Couvrette

David Green

Fall 2022 Class Photos

4378: Creating your own Rijstaffel (David Green) 

Study Leader David Green explaining a recipe to the class.

Photo submitted by: Carol Couvrette

Minerals - Nature's Treasures (Harlan Clare)

Fall 2022 Class Photos

4339: Minerals - Nature's Treasures (Harlan Clare) 

Learning from geologist Dr. Travis Olds on how the scanning electron microscope is used to aid in mineral identification.

Photo submitted by: Carol Couvrette