Carnegie Mellon University

Nanki, Aman, & Christine Asenjo

December 06, 2018

Update to An Introduction to Sikhism course

By Christine Asenjo

Here are a few photos from Christine Asenjo's course, "An Introduction to Sikhism," which was held in the Fall 2018 term.  She welcomed three CMU graduate students from India who attended the sessions, made their own presentations, and took questions from the class.  Nanki, Aman, and Ravneet were delighted by the experience.  They were impressed by the level of attentiveness, thoughtfulness and sensitivity shown by the Osher participants.  Consider attending Christine's Winter 2019 course on Hinduism, where she plans on inviting students from India to discuss dating and marriage.

CMU graduate student presenter, Nanki
CMU graduate student presenter, Aman
CMU graduate student presenter, Ravneet