Carnegie Mellon University

Course Changes

Changes to the upcoming Summer 2023 Course Schedule:

4569: The Great War, World War I, 1914-1918 (Sheila Werner) CANCELLED
4579: Writers' Workshop (Thalia Snyder & Helen Wilson) CANCELLED
4582: Myopia Control  (Zarky Rudavsky) CANCELLED
4583: Books Your Grandchildren Read (Amy Kellman) CANCELLED
4600: It's Good To Be Queen! A Woman's Financial Reign (Roselyn Wilkinson) CANCELLED
4611: Discovering A Family History  (Carleton Young) CANCELLED
4614: Those Who Trespass Against Us - Introduction To Torts (Errol Miller) CANCELLED
4619: Your Amazing Mind (Bruce Goldstein) Room Change: To Osher Room A
4621 & 4622: Short Stories: The Manageable Masterpiece CANCELLED
4629: Going...Going...Gone!" Lost Ballparks (Dave Fortun)" CANCELLED
4634: A Statistician Reads the Newspaper (Howard Seltman) Time Change: Tue 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
4642: Remedies To Help Save Democracy In America (William Presutti) CANCELLED
4643: Regenerative Medicine (Bryan N. Brown) CANCELLED
4645: Experimenting With Acrylic Mediums: Part 1 (Francine VandenBerg) CANCELLED
4651: Almost Heaven: An Appalachian Overview (Rebecca Carpenter) Date Change: Ends 8/1
4669: The Flag - The People - The Law (Peter Keim) Room Change: To Olmsted Activity Room
4680: Louis Pasteur: A Great for All Humanity (Toby Chapman) Date Change: starting 5/11