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March 01, 2018

OLLI at UNL Italy Tour 2018

Travel to Sourthern Italy and Sicily

OLLI at University of Nebraska-Lincoln is offering what can be described as a once in a lifetime cultural travel experience this July.  It starts with a three-day visit to the annual Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival in Italy, followed by a twelve-day food and wine tour of southern Italy and Sicily.

Space is still available for this trip and we would look forward sharing this experience with OLLI members from other locations.  The complete tour runs from July 2 through 18.  Interested participants can also opt for only the Southern Italy and Sicily portion which will run from July 6 through 18.

The Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival will celebrate its 23rd year this July with concerts and visual arts exhibitions at sites such as Ravello,  Agerola  and Tramonti.  It brings together performing artists, visual artists, writers and poets, students, teachers and music aficionados from many different countries.  For visitors, it is an unparalleled opportunity in cultural tourism.  And, the tour of southern Italy will take us to the romantic island of Capri, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Benevento, the ancient grottos of Matera, vineyards and wineries in Peglia and Avola.  We will be entertained by an Italian Contessa at her Sicilian villa, tour Sicily and enjoy the food and the wines of the region.  And, there is much more.

The trip brochure can be viewed and downloaded from  The pricing quoted includes round-trip air travel from Omaha, but the price can be adjusted by selecting air travel from other locations.  Contact our OLLI travel partner, Valden Tours, at 402-486-0900 or contact  Priority will be given to reservations received by March 15.