Carnegie Mellon University

Wean Hall

June 28, 2019

Classroom Relocations

Osher at CMU


As we begin the summer term, we are entering into a transitional period in preparation for our move to Cyert Hall! As we set sail on our journey, there are going to be a few changes that are going to be happening for the Summer 2019 Term!

  • All Hunt Library Osher conference room classes will be moving to Wean Hall! - Starting Monday, May 6th, we will no longer be using the Hunt Library for classes. All on-campus classes will be held on the fourth floor of Wean Hall.
  • Many class locations have been changed! – In light of this move, we have been granted the use of a room in the Sorrells Library at Wean Hall. This classroom can hold up to 65 people. Because of this large room, we have rearranged some of the course locations to maximize the use of this classroom! This will allow for additional people to be taken off waitlists for many of the popular summer courses! All of our classes in Wean will be on that floor in rooms 4707, 4708, or a new classroom: Sorrells Library Den!

Questions you might have:

Q: How will we know if a course location has been changed?
A: Please log in to your member account to view your confirmations!!!

Most courses will have changes made to them! We will initially notify ALL first session classes of location changes in an email. A master list of these room changes will be posted on our website. Second session course changes will be sent out at a later date. Additionally, posters all first session room assignments will be posted throughout the fourth floor of Wean Hall. Remember, NO classes will be meeting in the Hunt Library.  

Q: Where is this new room in the Sorrells Library?
A: The room is called “The Den” and it is in the back-right corner of the library!

Sorrells Library is directly on your left when you step off the elevators on the 4th floor of Wean Hall. Enter through the front doors, and head straight to the back of the library, passing the circulation desk and several offices along the way. If you need help, please ask the circulation desk for directions.  

Q: If I park on Frew St, how can I get to Wean Hall?
A: The most direct way to get to Wean Hall from Frew St is through Porter Hall.

Enter Porter Hall on the ground floor. Walk straight through the building and out through the other side. Wean Hall will be directly in front of you. Inside Wean Hall, take the elevators to the fourth floor.

Q: Will the Osher Office be moving to Wean Hall?
A: The Osher Office has moved to Wean Hall near the classrooms. 

The Osher Office will remain in Wean Hall until our new space is outfitted in Cyert Hall.  

Q: Why is this happening?
A: Many university departments are on the move and we are no exception.
In anticipation of our move into our new space in Cyert Hall next year, we have to give up our office space in Hunt so the IDeATe program can operate from a central office.