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January 09, 2019

Update to 2778:Intro to Physical Computing

Six Osher members worked with CMU students in teams to design & develop useful interactive devices in the IDeATe Lab in Hunt. They met with IDeATe (pronounced i-d-8) students three times to work on their projects. At the fourth and final class, they received their invention and CMU journalists were there to document the event. See the YouTube video and read the CMU news article. The lab is located across from the Osher Classroom; take a peek next time you're in Hunt.

Click on each of these Osher member's name to read about their project: Joseph Decker, Rebecca Hebert, Maria Piantanida, James Reitz, Jeffrey Swoger, and Joanne Wright.

IDeATe [Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology] is a program that has been collaborating recently with Osher at CMU. It seeks to advance technology and arts-based collaborative learning through eight areas of concentration. Specific areas of interdisciplinary collaboration are: Game Design, Animation & Special Effects, Media Design, Sonic Arts, Design for Learning, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Intelligent Environments, and Physical Computing. IDeAte is open to CMU students in every discipline. Read more about IDeATe

IDeATe documented their methodology for each project in three parts: Meeting Documentation, Prototype Documentation, and Final Documentation. Read each section for each project to be amazed at the creativeness, innovation, and technical skills of the CMU students and Osher participants. See these and other student work since the inception of IDeATe in 2014.

Jim with students and his "reminder screen"

jim and students

Jeffrey developing game system with students

jeffrey and students

Rory & Joanne

joanne and students