Carnegie Mellon University

What Is a Prospect?

Osher at CMU is a membership organization. A Prospect is someone who has applied via email to become a member and are waiting for an invitation to membership. As a Prospect, you are eligible to register for courses from the Open Course List approximately two weeks prior to the start date each term. The list is updated frequently, so be sure to review it carefully before registering. Also check the Course Changes listing since the locations, dates, and times may change after the catalog is printed. We look forward to your participation in our courses.

Prospect Guidelines

Our program is built on civility, respect, and personal responsibility. Study leaders, members, prospects, and staff work together in a cooperative and non-confrontational manner. This insures that our organization, courses, and events are meaningful and enjoyable experiences for all. To assure that this continues to be the case, we ask prospects to abide by the Code of Conduct shown on the Membership page.

Typically Prospects are on the waiting list for 6 to 18 months before a space becomes available.  If a Prospect is invited to become a member and they are not ready to join at that time, they may ask to go to the bottom of the waiting list. If they are not ready to join upon the second invitation, they will not be eligible to become a Prospect again for 3 years. 

Benefits of Being a Prospect

  • May register for courses from the Open Course List after the Members have registered
  • Receive a weekly email, "Weekly Essentials"
  • May attend Osher lectures and certain events such as luncheons & tours, and CMU recitals.
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Will receive an invitation to membership via USPS when space becomes available