Carnegie Mellon University

Owen Cantor

May 17, 2019

Owen Cantor Leads ChamberFest Trip

By Jay Farrell

Owen Cantor is a dentist and one of CMU at Osher’s classical music instructors. This summer, he’s leading a trip entitled ChamberFest Cleveland 2019, a bus trip and an overnight stay in Cleveland that includes a chamber concert on June 29 and a day at the Cleveland Art Museum on the 30th. As bus and hotel reservations need to be made well in advance, please call the office to register by Monday, June 24.

In the 1980s, Owen served on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Music, offering classes in the reality of the classical music world, i.e., how to produce, publicize, and fund different classical concert series; audience development; and the survival of classical music. “I imagine I’m the only DMD ever to teach on the faculty of CMU’s music school,” he told me. “I feel lucky to be able to continue my affiliation with Carnegie Mellon through the courses I teach at Osher.”

You may have taken one of Owen’s 29 Osher at CMU classes (he started teaching in 2004). Recently, there was such a demand for his “Music and the Rise of Nationalism” class, he taught it twice the same semester.

He continues to practice dentistry part time at Chestnut Hills Dental in the Eastside shopping complex near Whole Foods in Shadyside.

If ChamberFest Cleveland 2019 intrigues you, do sign up as soon as possible. Once the deadline has passed, Osher at CMU will not be able to admit latecomers.