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Braddock grave, map and profile

August 14, 2018

The Road Not Taken: Part 1 - The Braddock Road

CourseID : 2596

Material Fee: $37, Fall registration required.
Class Dates: Wednesdays, September 5 & 12, 3:15pm-5:15pm, Wean 4707
Bus Tour: Wednesday, September 26, to Fort Necessity, lunch, and Braddock Field

This three-session course, including a bus tour, reviews the factors leading up to the Braddock Expedition and the history of the building of the Braddock Road through Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. In the first session, we will uncover events leading up to the Braddock Expedition, an overview of the route from Alexandria, VA, to Cumberland, MD, and the map course from Cumberland, MD, to Braddock, PA. During the second session, we will explore the route, encampments, and events that occurred from Fort Cumberland to Braddock Field. With the third and final session, we will venture out on a bus tour to Fort Necessity, where we will divide into groups with the opportunity to experience any or all of the activities of self-guided tour of the museum, ranger-guided tour of the fort, and instructor-guided tour of a trace of the original Braddock Road. Following a restaurant lunch, we will continue on our bus tour to Braddock Field, where the instructor will reenact Braddock’s Defeat.

Roland Vendeland is a historical researcher, published author, and professional storyteller. His lifelong interest in history dates back to his days as a history student and teacher. For 30 years, he has written and told stories of being “born and bred” in Western Pennsylvania. He specializes in regional historical tales that lend themselves to field trips to museums and in the field. He presents with the warmth, wisdom, and wit of a student of history and the flair of the storyteller.