Carnegie Mellon University


August 16, 2018

Update on Osher's Space Quest

By John Olmsted, Coordinator of Osher 4.0 Space Quest

Osher at CMU has been dreaming of and planning for additional, more centralized space for at least five years. We are now on the threshold of realizing that dream. Osher will be allocated substantial space in one of two locations: the fourth floor of Wean Hall or the first floor of the new Tepper Quad. The University just posted a request for proposals to occupy as-yet-uncommitted space in Tepper, with a submission deadline of September 18. Osher will submit a proposal that we hope will be compelling.

Note, however, that we HAVE NOT been promised this space. We will be competing with many campus units that have good ideas for using that space to further the stated goal, which is to encourage broad, University wide collaboration. The successful proposal(s) will be announced by November 30. Should our proposal for the Tepper space not succeed, we have been allocated a significant block of space in the 4600-4700 area of Wean Hall. Either way, Osher will relocate to new quarters, probably by the end of 2019, and meanwhile will be raising funds to pay for the renovation/building out of that space.