Carnegie Mellon University

Osher Board

April 08, 2019

Osher Welcomes 2019-2022 New Board Directors

By Jim Reitz

Members of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CMU:

It is with great pleasure that I announce the results of the work of the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors. As a result of multiple postings in our weekly emails and on our website, to ALL of the membership concerning applications to be board member, seven persons applied.

The nominating committee reviewed all applicants. A joint reception was held followed by individual interviews. All candidates were thoroughly vetted. The nominating committee then proposed three members to the Board of Directors and they were elected at the March meeting.

Those elected were: Ann Isaac, Randy Weinberg and Mark Winer. All three were already active with our program as volunteer members of standing committees. Our Osher Life Long Learning Institute is fortunate to have such qualified and dedicated persons step up and take on the added responsibility of serving on the Board of Directors. We welcome them.

In addition to this work from the nominating committee there was a motion passed that John Olmsted go back on the board as a voting member.

One year ago the nominating committee located and wanted to recommend 4 new members, but that would exceed by one the allowable number of members, which is 20. John Olmsted, who at that time had two years remaining on his 2nd term, agreed to cease being a voting members so the four new candidates could be selected. That was done. The number on the board is now below the maximum limit so it was approved for Mr. Olmsted to finish his term.

Those of you who have occasion to meet any of these new board members in your comings and goings on campus, take some time to get further acquainted with them, thank them and offer your own congratulations.